Back in Germany

After two & and a half years of studying all across Scandinavia I can now finally call myself  a Nordic Master !

It was an amazing time and was truly inspiring to hear & learn from all the great personalities I had the pleasure to meet along the way.

But now ,since I graduated, moved back to Mannheim, Germany, and will work on a new project involving more new & electronic ways of playing. A couple of small impressions of what’s about to follow you can already hear here : (or in the media section).

But way more to follow, stay tuned !

Back to Helsinki

Just a little update to tell you that I’m now back to Helsinki for the last semesters of my Masters . Each semester in each country I set myself small goals and for this semester my focus is going to write new music & playing more classical music !

I can totall recommend the Nordic Masters program to anyone who is interested in that kind of stuff, they also made a new hompage which looks prett nice . So if you want check it out :


Das dritte Land in meinem Master Programm war Dänemark.Obwohl Aarhus selbst nicht viel mit Jazz zu tun hat konnte ich meine Zeit dort doch interessant gestalten. Mit meinen mir dort zugeteilten Mitbewohner haben wir nun das „Hardrada 4tet “ gegründet mit

Daniel Patton – Drums

Antoine Spranger – Piano

Adrian Christensen – Bass

Ich – Saxophon/Bcl

 Ich freue mich sehr mit dieser Band im März 2018 eine kleine Italien Tour zu spielen bei der wir auch ein paar unserer Songs aufnehmen und online stellen werden.

The 3rd country in my masters program was Denmark. Despite the city itself not really famous for it’s Jazz scene I still could make my time there very interesting. With my roommate from that period we started a band called „Hardrada 4tet“ with :

Daniel Patton – Drums

Antoine Spranger – Piano

Adrian Christensen – Bass

me- Saxophon/Bcl

Looking forward to play a small Italy tour with this band in March 2018 and also to record some of our songs in Italy . stay tuned !


Als zweiter Zwischenstopp meines Nordic Master Studiums bin ich nun in Stockholm angekommen , eine sehr schöne Stadt mit vielen inspirierenden Musikern . Ich freue mich sehr darauf viel zu jammen und einige meiner neuen Songs auszuprobieren.


The 2nd station in my „Nordic Masters“ studys takes me to Stockholm , a very beautiful city with many inspiring musicans. Looking forward to jam a lot and try out some of my new tunes !